Electrical Solutions Corp

Company History

Our Commercial leadership comes from blending education with experience in building machines, and changing the controls in the early 90’s from the old contractor controls to PLC’s. At the time these control changes could double and even triple productivity of the machine. Early building management systems to lower energy costs were also things worked on by our management, leading to lower energy costs. Moving from those old Beldon cable based systems to Network controlled systems, and computers. This leads us to have the ability to understand how these old systems worked, and we are able to repair old equipment that others will recommend throwing away, and installing new technology. Often times these systems have worked fine for 20-30 and even 40 years. When how things worked is understood, we can often repair these systems and make them work as if new, for $THOUSANDS of dollars less than a remove replace with new system, which requires new wires be pulled, and all new equipment to be installed.

In addition to these skills, our leadership also understands how your utility company bills you, and thus the inaccuracies in billing tenants by the square foot for them. Demand is VERY relevant, and if your tenants have different processes, sub-metering with the proper meter can be VERY helpful in getting utilities billed in a fair and equitable manner. From a simple sub-meter to several, and all the way up to a utility connected, software package that can see a light turning on and off in a vacant building. You can also see where you have heaters and air conditioners fighting against each other to keep the building space at the prescribed temperature. Again, leading to energy savings over years of use.

Beyond Electric

Electrical Contracting


Repair & Maintenance

Energy Conservation/Energy Rebate

Tenant Billing Solutions

Utility Sub-metering Solutions

Electrical Solutions Corp. provides small company service with complex project knowledge. We believe

that technology helps us compete in an increasingly complicated world. The staff’s continuing education

is but one process to provide our clients the most value for their utility, energy, and electrical

maintenance dollar.

Industrial & Commercial

ESC provides your firm an electrical contractor that is dedicated to safety. We will work in your building without negatively impacting your operations while doing maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, remodels, equipment relocates, or small projects.

Property Manager & Owner

We provide honest fair service and track exactly what we have done at your property. ESC works with energy metering,  sub-metering, and tenant utility billing. We can also assist with energy conservation by helping you understand your electric bill.

Residential Solutions

Home panel upgrades, circuit repairs, lighting upgrades, motion detectors, dimmers, CATV, Home Theater, HVAC, Energy Management, Computer Networks, all the way to the doorbell. ESC understands how you are billed in order to save money on your electric bill.