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Maintenance Agreement


We can provide you with a maintenance agreement to track and replace lighting and lamps that are your responsibility. This schedule provides you a lower price than replacing as they go out.  We track your properties as if they were our own.  Safety is of the utmost importance, and exterior lighting keeps not only your building safe, but your tenants as well.  ESC will keep your lights shining.

Metering and Sub-Metering


ESC works with energy metering,  sub-metering, and tenant electrical billing. We also stay up to date on Rebate programs, and other energy management tools available through your local utility ; therefore, we are able to share money saving opportunities that have real ROI for your firm.  Sometimes these programs require simply knowing who to contact for information that provides a Solution to an already existing problem.

Problem Solving and Cost Management


Electrical Solutions Corp can help you with obvious methods of energy conservation as well—by helping you understand your electric bill whether your rate structure is Secondary Gen, Commercial, Primary Gen, Industrial, or any structure at which your utility has your property being billed.  Through working with other management companies one thing has become clear: managers and or Tenants don’t always understand how much control they have over the utility costs of a building.

ESC has saved Property Management Companies and Tenants thousands of dollars on utilities monthly. We have also resolved energy disputes when tenants were arguing what they should be charged. There have been times not a single meter or sub-meter was installed. A simple review of the site can sometimes expose where the energy is being used and a fair and equitable method of dividing up these utilities can be agreed to by all involved. If specific sub-metering is required because an agreement can’t be arrived at between the parties, then we can do this as well, and projects in 6 digits of cost have paid off in as little as 18 months to the Property Management client in recovered argued utility billings.   Add to this the capability of knowing how energy is being used in your facility, and you can see the benefit of Metering, Measuring, and Managing your utility costs.

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Our Commitment


As a Property Manager, you recognize that your tenants are the life-blood of your organization, but some of them can be tough.  These tough tenants are the ones that will make Electrical Solutions Corp (ESC) shine the most: be it because of our sub-metering skills (see metering or add a link), or our dedication to cleanliness, and cooperation with ALL members of your organization including your tenants. We are conscious of your tenants’ rights and want them to be just as comfortable with us as you will be.  We will call ahead to confirm with your onsite manager, or the tenant themselves if need be, to ensure someone will be there when we get there.  We will clean up after ourselves.

We provide honest fair service.  We track exactly what we have done at your property in an attempt to have the specific materials when we arrive to do the troubleshooting.   We can find products that other companies will tell you are no longer available and try to up sell you something that you may not need.