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Electrical Solutions Corp (ESC) is your contact for your residential electrical contracting needs. We can provide your home with panel upgrades, Hot tubs, 220 volt circuits, lighting upgrades, motion detectors, dimmers and other energy conservation devices. We specialize in trouble shooting exsisting circuits when they fail. If your needs are low voltage, we also provide CATV, Home Theater wiring, HVAC control repairs and upgrades, Energy Management solutions, TV, Computer Network wiring, all the way to the doorbell.  When you hire us for your electrical maintenance, troubleshooting, and small project needs, you get a company that understands how to repair your immediate problem, and we understand your electric bill.  ESC understands how you are billed, in order to help you find ways to save money on your electric bill.

Utilities are going up as the utility companies are dealing with more and more load to their existing “grid” or distribution system.  You most likely don’t remember seeing any new electric distribution lines being built anywhere near you in the recent past.  The reason is that the grid we have is from the 1950s and 1960s before computers, microwaves, and plasma TVs, and myriad other convenient electrical devices we enjoy in our homes today.  Because these distribution wires were built before these additional loads were commonplace, the utility companies have had to manage their production and distribution of electricity with computers on the distribution side.  This part of the electrical system that brings power to our homes is being pushed to its limits.  In order to reduce these loads at times of the most electric use, the utility companies offer rebates for you allowing them to turn off your electric water heater or air conditioning.   This is why the utility company is willing to pay you to NOT use electric at certain times.   The smart grid, and smart meters, is the beginning of an entirely different approach and intensification of the utility trying to help their customers identify and understand their energy use so that the customer can get the information to either manage their energy use to match their budget, or allow the utility themselves to manage their energy use to match utility demands.

ESC understands your budget, as well as your side of the meter, and your need to limit the power the utility company has over your energy use.  You, as a customer of Electrical Solutions Corp. can understand how to save money monthly on your bill, save money over time, as well as helping the environment by lowering the power plant output required.

Our Master Electrician is available for system inspections, as well as reviewing Home Inspection Write-ups at real estate sale to determine accuracy.

Electrical Solutions Corp specializes in small complicated jobs.

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Lowering Your Energy Use


Most likely you have heard of the “smart grid”, going green, high efficiency light bulbs (lamps), high efficiency furnaces, high efficiency air conditioners, utility rebates, rising utility rates, as well as other energy saving opportunities.  Typically you are given this information by someone who is trying to sell you something to help with this.  Our customers, large and small, get this information WITHOUT having to pay extra for it—answering your questions is a value added service to our customers with our services.  We can advise you regarding what is a good value for you, and what is not.  For instance, did you know that many compact fluorescent lamps (cfl) may not dim with your existing dimmers?  A motion detector on a basement fixture where a fixture can be left on without anyone knowing it is on can be one of the most cost effective upgrades in regard to energy efficiency.  This is why you see these motion detector type switches in bathrooms in commercial buildings.