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Energy costs continue to rise, this understanding of the billing structure used by the utility companies becomes an even more important asset of our company.   If you haven’t reviewed your electric bill to ascertain if there are opportunities for savings with someone who understands this, you may very well be missing out on some large savings available to you at very low cost.  These savings are commonly referred to as low hanging fruit of energy savings, and without someone who understands this, your firm could be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month simply due to a lack of knowledge or information.  Oftentimes, we have helped firms understand what they are looking for and they go on to find there are other adjustments they can make which lead to savings—simply because the person making these decisions has a better understanding of how operations impact your utility bill.

As a commercial customer of the utility companies, and their constantly changing rates and billing structure, you owe it to yourself to plug into savings by bringing Electrical Solutions Corp into your facility to help—whether it is for a simple motion detector in a bathroom, relocating a receptacle, moving a piece of equipment, or to provide sub-metering to help you manage your utility use more effectively.  ESC strives to be a team member who doesn’t just provide you with a service but provides you with utility value engineering to help you save not only with us on our work with you, but by providing ideas which can save your firm money month after month.


Company Background


Our Commercial leadership comes from blending education with experience in building machines, and changing the controls in the early 90’s from the old contractor controls to PLC’s.   At the time these control changes could double and even triple productivity of the machine.   Early building management systems to lower energy costs were also things worked on by our management, leading to lower energy costs.  Moving from those old Beldon cable based systems to Network controlled systems, and computers.  This leads us to have the ability to understand how these old systems worked, and we are able to repair old equipment that others will recommend throwing away, and installing new technology.  Often times these systems have worked fine for 20-30 and even 40 years.  When how things worked is understood, we can often repair these systems and make them work as if new, for $THOUSANDS of dollars less than a remove replace with new system, which requires new wires be pulled, and all new equipment to be installed. 


In addition to these skills, our leadership also understands how your utility company bills you, and thus the inaccuracies in billing tenants by the square foot for them.  Demand is VERY relevant, and if your tenants have different processes, sub-metering with the proper meter can be VERY helpful in getting utilities billed in a fair and equitable manner.  From a simple sub-meter to several, and all the way up to a utility connected, software package that can see a light turning on and off in a vacant building.   You can also see where you have heaters and air conditioners fighting against each other to keep the building space at the prescribed temperature.  Again, leading to energy savings over years of use.

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Electrical Solutions Corp (ESC) provides your commercial firm an electrical contractor that is dedicated to safety, as well as working in your building without negatively impacting your operations.  We understand the importance of YOUR productivity, as we strive to keep our productivity at the highest level possible without impacting the clients’ operations. ESC additionally has an understanding of sub-meters, sub-metering systems, and sub-metering software which can help you manage and monitor your loads. With the software, you can actually see where loads are that can lead to savings for years to come.

When ESC comes to your facility you will get the value added benefit of a contractor who understands not only the electric, and controls of the project that you are hiring them to do, but also understands the way the utility bills are calculated.  We can make suggestions that generally don’t negatively impact your operations at all, or cost you anything, yet will provide monthly savings.  We understand the impact of Demand on a Commercial or Industrial electric bill, as well as how to control it.